About Us

Not the last splinter to get my attention in 30 years of construction (picture circa 1975).

My building construction career has spanned more than 30 years with concrete, structural framing, carpentry, electrical, and plumbing all included in my background. Eventually, my residential career path changed to heavy construction including multi-family projects such as apartment and townhome construction. Later, I made a major career jump, moving from Texas to California. There I supervised the construction of a large hotel and several commercial office/retail buildings with 2 and 3 stories of basement parking.

I moved my family from California back to Texas in late 1992 and continued my construction career here as a sub-contractor to construction until I was licensed by the state of Texas as a Professional Inspector in January of 2005.

So, while I may not look as young and spry as I did back there in 1975, I know more and I would like to put that knowledge and experience to work for you.

Hunting for the home of your dreams can be a lot of fun. However, once you have selected the home you want, one looming question might be, "Is this home safe and in good condition or will there be hidden issues which will cost me money later on?"

A home inspection is an important part of the buying experience. The job of the home inspector is to examine the structural and operational aspects of the home providing an un-biased perspective of what you are purchasing. His years of experience, general building knowledge, and communication skills are key factors in his effectiveness.

I'm Brian Wooten, a Texas state licensed and certified home inspector, owner and founder of Inspectech. I am here to put my 30+ years of construction knowledge and building experience to work for YOU. I hope the information I provide in this website will compel you to pick up the phone and call me for the BEST INSPECTION in Austin, TX.

TREC License #8001